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A world-ranked business school
in the heart of Casablanca

Founded in 1872, emlyon business school is one of the most oldest business schools in Europe. The history of emlyon business school has always been characterized by entrepreneurship, innovation and the drive to be leaders. These three factors explain why the School has now become an epicenter of entrepreneurial education in France, Europe and the world.
We discern, prepare and cultivate talents that are capable of :
seizing business opportunities
building the future
suggesting innovative responses to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
These talents are endowed with a capacity to take action ("doer, maker") and to confront reality. This clearly summarizes the meaning of our new signature “early makers”.
Since 2015, emlyon business school has chosen the Marina of Casablanca for its campus. Adding it to our existing network of international campuses, notably Shanghai and Bhubaneswar, and our French campuses of Lyon, Saint-Etienne and Paris. emlyon business school in Casablanca has set up an annual scholarship fund that allows deserving and highly - motivated students, who have passed the entrance test, to finance some or all of their tuition fees.


« In Morocco and Africa, we place ourselves within a community perspective of co-designing our educational offer and training programs with our local partners, corporations, high-schools and the civil society actors.
We capitalize on the experience and the internationally recognized quality of our training programs and at the same time we offer our students and corporations a content which is tailored to their context and to their problems. We do sincerely wish to support them in designing the most appropriate skills development solutions. »

CEO & Dean emlyon business school


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