A certification to reinforce
your managerial skills

emlyon business school supports professionals in the development of their skills and the appropriation of new practices in line with the changing needs of businesses.
Our certificates are designed in the tradition of emlyon business school's pedagogical excellence, as well as in direct contact with the realities of the modern company, we design and implement innovative pedagogical experiences. These innovative teaching methods (Learning Lab, Business Games, Action Learning,etc) promote the transfer of learning and the practical application of skills and postures acquired, thus contributing to the performance of the individual in the business environment.


The certificates of Emlyon business school Casablanca
campus in short 

Duration: 10 days total with 2 training days per month (Saturday, Sunday).

Location: Emlyon Campus at the Marina of Casablanca

Format: inter or intra company

Profiles: Experienced Executives

Admission: To validate your eligibility for the certificate, an updated Curriculum Vitae will be requested. It will be submitted to the Program Department, which will decide on your integration into the program.

Price and financing: 38,400 Dhs

Contact :
Camille Dahan
Business development manager
+212 (0) 5 22 64 18 21