Customized trainings

Our customized solutions

We offer customized multimodal teaching solutions. We define with our customers training objectives, in line with the context and the strategic axes of the company through a process of customer intimacy and co-construction.
The programs we design for and with our clients are based on our recognized expertise in Action Learning and the development of innovative learning methods. Our team can invent new solutions for you, create new tools, use new levers ...
We diagnose your business, its context and needs, to design the most appropriate skills development solutions. Our approach aims to identify and exploit the steps that are most important to relay and express the key points of your strategy.
To ensure the performance of its solutions, we have developed tools to measure the effects produced and the results obtained following training. We have several measurement methods: hot assessments of achievements, assessments of skills, continuous development plans, surveys of satisfaction and membership, piloting plans, ...
Our programs are delivered in several formats: face-to-face in emlyon business school campuses but also in other places in Casablanca, France and the world, remotely or in blended learning. The dosage between theoretical inputs and implementation must be fine-tuned.

Our intra-company solutions

All our short programs are available in intra-company. They can be adjusted to the needs of your organization and are another way to develop the skills of a collaborator. They are also very flexible and very easy to implement, to develop the skills of a collaborator.
These programs can be implemented on our campus, in your business premises, in other places or in blended learning.
Contact us if you want to have our advice on the choice of a training, on the administrative and financial aspects, the dates of sessions ...

Our references in Morocco and Africa

FT 2018 Executive Education Ranking: : emlyon business school in the in the TOP 50 worldwide and N°1 in Africa

A team that will support you

To be successful, a training device must be as "comfortable" as possible for clients, participants and stakeholders so that everyone can focus on the essentials.
This is why we pay particular attention to the posture of the project team: listening, adaptability, responsiveness, timeliness and communication.
To support you in the best way, the project team is composed of several key "actors":

The pedagogical manager (emlyon business school professor): Co-responsible for the pedagogical engineering of the device, key interface with the team of speakers he/she leads, guarantor of the pedagogical harmonization of the entire device and the Relevance of approaches and results achievement
Profiles: Experienced Executives

The project manager: Your main contact about the entire project, its evolution, its adjustments, its smooth running: pedagogical aspects, implementation, quality, logistics and financial follow-up

In parallel, a team of experts mainly from emlyon business school faculty with 144 permanent professors, is one of the central resources to design and run a training program. A network of professionals (consultants, coaches, managers ...) also works in different disciplines.

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