Power your business into the digital age

Understand and analyze the consequences of the digital revolution on the market and impliment new models of creation and value distribution
Complement your digital culture: pure players, technologies, legal context, etc.
Acquire agile methods of piloting digital transformation projects
Review its modes of transformative leadership and organization


Seminar 1
Digital ecosystem and new business models
The Digital sector offers a tremendous opportunity to transform an entire industry to extend its value chain to a much larger digital ecosystem.
This paradigm shift involves new modes of interaction between the players in this digital ecosystem. This module leads us to rethink the foundations of traditional channels and to decipher new forms of collaboration.
Participants will discover innovative strategic models that break away from existing business models.
+ Digital Focus: Web Technologies and SEO
Seminar 2
Breakthrough innovation in a digital context

At the origin of these new business models, disruptive innovations can take different forms. But how do you know which ones will be successful in the future? How to make the right decision when it is impossible to predict the future?
This module allows the participants to adopt the principles of implementation to overcome the uncertainties of managers and leaders and move forward in the realization of a project. Participants will also need to integrate new methodologies for piloting digital transformation and problem solving projects.
+ Digital Focus: Big Data

Seminar 3
New modes of collaborative organization and collective intelligence
The digital revolution brings new behaviors to organizations and creates new forms of interaction. It is for participants to identify their individual modes of operation to adapt to these new collaborative processes.
The contributions of neuroscience will make it possible to understand the impacts of digital transformation in the brain system and to train the human brain to a certain plasticity: to think differently in these new contexts.
+ Digital Focus: Artificial Intelligence
Seminar 4
Digital communication strategies
+ New communication tools as part of a digital strategy
+ Overview of networks and social media
+ Measure the performance of digital communication actions kilometer, returns and after-sales service
+ Digital Focus: Social Media
Seminar 5
Integrate digital into your product / service offering
+ Rethinking the customer experience: channel business, digital customer journey
+ Understand the logic "inbound" to communicate with customers
+ Design a marketing plan for digital transformation
+ Digital Focus: Internet of Things


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10 days / 2 days of training per month (Saturday, Sunday)


Emlyon Campus at the Marina of Casablanca
38.400 MAD

Benefits for the participant

• Analysis: giving the keys to identify the impacts of digital on the ways of thinking and developing one's activity.
• Tools: Develop an understanding of major digital technologies and their implications for business practices.
• Experimentation: put yourself in a position to apply the new business and managerial practices inherent to these transformations.

Benefits for the company

To have managers who:
• Know how to lead a profound change in corporate culture, by erasing silos and creating transversal and collective dynamics
• Have transferable skills in their company: a production will serve at the end of the course to bring out initiatives corresponding to their respective contexts
• To drive change management by effectively piloting digital transformation projects

Gateway to the Executive MBA or the Specialized Master in Digital transformation from emlyon business school

emlyon business school defends the idea of individualized and long-term paths. The certificate "MANAGEMENT OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION" thus offers the possibility of capitalizing credits to allow participants.


The participants of the Certificate are SME / ETI managers, members of CoDir, business unit directors, project managers or managers with a mission to support their company in the digital evolution.


To validate your eligibility for the certificate, an updated Curriculum Vitae and copy of the last diploma will be required. It will be submitted to the Programs Department, which will decide on your integration
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