Global BBA in 4 years: an international reference degree


The Global BBA is an international Bachelor in Business. It is the widely post-baccalaureat delivered degree in the world. The 4 years Global BBA is now the benchmark in Anglo-Saxon countries, Europe and Asia.

A globalized world without borders, adapted and innovative educational responses

Our Global BBA goes beyond the excellence of the best recognized business schools in France and Europe. It offers you a pedagogical approach based on experimentation and openness to the world thanks to the courses provided in its numerous campuses.
Our BBA is assertively international thanks to: our multicultural campuses, a minimum of a one-year international immersion, our 70 international academic partners dedicated to the program, the possibility of exploring other campuses, among which are Shanghai, Saint-Etienne and Paris.
The philosophy underlying the curricula is motivated by the vision of the school to train actors /players of innovation who move the lines and help create the world of tomorrow through renovation projects, launching new activities and taking creative initiatives
The set of courses provided by the school offers students 12 to 24 months’ internship in Morocco and abroad. This can also be consolidated by a multitude of projects all through their curricula. This includes, but not limited to field surveys, studies and performance analysis, product launching, business creation and business games.

Place your future in perspective

Once their 4 years of studies are over, students can directly join the workplace, most often in top international positions. They can also choose to continue their studies in Master or Specialized Masters at emlyon business school or in any other international schools.

Prepare for a digital-global economy

While providing you with methods and knowledge that will make you operational and effective, it is in the educational approach that our Global BBA stands out. The main theme of the program is its preparation for an increasingly international and digital world of business.

After high school and possibly a short complementary training, the Global BBA will allow you to gradually widen your horizons, while ensuring to quickly ensure an immersion in English, field experiences, discovery of the international, development of digital skills and career support.


Training players in innovation, early makers of tomorrow

Become the early makers of the future

The philosophy of training and development of our students is motivated by the vision of the school to train players of innovation that do not simply reproduce already existing knowledge and models but those that move the lines and contribute today in order to create the world of tomorrow by means of:

renovation projects
the introduction of new activities
the achievement of innovative ideas

Opening seminar – Global BBA 1 in Shanghai


In order to stimulate the cultural openness of our new students and confront them with an international economic reality, we propose to start the year with a 10-days opening seminar in the emlyon business school Shanghai campus.

Opening seminar – Global BBA2 in Toronto


To open up internationally and discover the most diverse and multicultural city in the world, emlyon business school Casablanca campus offers its BBA2 students to start the second year with a 10 days opening seminar on the Glendon campus of York University in Toronto.

photo ghita hemri

«I chose this Global BBA for its pioneering spirit. It is a program that teaches us to do everything. It prepares us for jobs that do not yet exist while confronting us with responsibilities from the first year, through "mission projects". My group has raised nearly 200,000 dirhams to renovate a primary school in a village near Marrakech. In the second year, for the business start-up project, we created a supermarket data management company with five colleagues to offer targeted advertising to customers. To be an early maker is to be able to think and act practically at the same time. And that is what the Global BBA of emlyon business school teaches us.»

Ghita Hemri, Global BBA Student, Casablanca campus


«After a bachelor's degree in a French high-school in Morocco and another year in another school in Morocco, I learned about the establishment of emlyon business school in Casablanca and I decided to join the Global BBA in 1st year. Since then, I live a connected, collaborative and creative learning experience that makes me progress every day. The work environment that we are offered is also exceptional: a very modern and friendly campus in the heart of the professional world ... »

Saad LAGHRARI, Global BBA student, Casablanca campus

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The Global BBA in brief 

  • 4 years of Studies, 1 diploma
  • 1 to 2 years at the international
  • 12 to 24 months of internship
  • 70 Academic Partners
  • 4 campuses in 3 continents

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