How to join the Global BBA?


The access to the Global BBA of emlyon business school is granted by means of an admission test, created specifically to join in 1st, 2nd or 3rd year. It is based on our pedagogical priorities:
international and cultural broad-mindedness
The tests are designed not only to take into account the candidate's academic level but also to appreciate his or her future latent, interests, intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness and motivation. The admission test hence measures the suitability of the candidate's profile with the early makers’ spirit of emlyon business schoo

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Entrance requirements

Admission in 1st year:
Senior High-school year students (admission is subject to obtaining a baccalaureate), graduates or holders of a French diploma, Moroccan or foreign equivalence.
Admission in 2nd year:
Students holding a level of study 1 year excepted dregree in a diploma acknowledged by the French State or a 2 year degree validated (120 ECTS credits) as part of a diploma or certificate positively sanctioning  two years of higher education issued by an official higher education institution (Moroccan, French or foreign).

Admission in 3rd year:
Students with 2 years of Bachelors Studies in a diploma recognized by the French State or a 3 year. degree validated (180 ECTS credits) within the framework of a diploma or certificate positively sanctioning  three years of higher education delivered by an official higher education institution (Moroccan, French or foreign)

Get prepared for the exam 

Several opportunities to interact with our teams are available at trade shows, open houses or preparation days for the entrance examination.

Open days (Campus Days) offer a detailed presentation of the program and are the perfect time to ask all your questions emlyon business school teams and teachers present.

Training Days are an opportunity to discuss, in detail, the various events of the Admissions process.

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For candidates residing in Morocco, the admission test takes place on our Casablanca campus over a day and conducted as follows:
the written tests will take place in the morning then, the interview, whose objective is to test the candidates’ motivation, will be held in the afternoon. It should be noted that there is no phase of eligibility but a consideration of all your results labeled by the coefficients of each test.

Candidates who do not live in Morocco can either take the test in one of our multiple examination centers abroad or from their respective homes. Our admissions service will get in touch with you to schedule a test date for you and explain all the admission procedures.

Tuition and funding (Financial Aide)

Application fee: MAD 1 500 (free for fellows).

Tuition fees: 115,000 MAD per year.

This rate is determined for the year 2018/2019 and includes tuition fees and administrative fees (administrative costs, civil insurance).

You can access bank loans negotiated with partners of emlyon business school Campus Casablanca, refundable after a period of deductible and at preferential rate.

It is also possible to benefit from scholarships emlyon business school campus Casablanca according to social criteria and academic excellence.


Admission test

image 2_Les-épreuves-d’admission

File study: The application file is evaluated by a note appreciating the course of the candidate according to criteria such as academic excellence and diversity of Volunteer and/or business experiences.

Dynamic Experiment of Creativity
For 30 minutes and facing an evaluation panel, candidates are invited to discuss a social issue. The theme is presented to the candidates in the form of a text and a video which they will know at the beginning of the test. The jury will evaluate the participants on their ability to interact and debate their creativity, their ability to analyze and their spirit of synthesis.

Futurum Vitae: (for 3rd year admissions)

The futurum vitae is a presentation of the personal and professional assessment of the candidate (internship experiences associative life,etc), their future plans, strategy and action plan for the future and to achieve their professional project. Like the e-portfolio for 1st and 2nd year admissions, it must reflect the personality of the candidate and give them the opportunity to express themself in the manner that suits and resembles them (sound, video, slideshow, photo montage, artistic work,etc). There is no good or bad option. Consistency, construction, relevance, aesthetic choices and the quality of the whole story will be evaluated. This Futurum Vitae is a fundamental element of the candidate’s bid.

Numerical and verbal logic
This is an MCQ structured around questions integrating verbal and numerical logic and making it possible to evaluate the candidate's reasoning skills in the areas of logical computational analysis and communication.

A MCQ with 45 questions divided into 3 parts: Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar. For 1st and 2nd year admissions, the level required is close to that required in the final year; for 3rd year admissions, the questions are related to the business environment (Business English).

General culture (for 1st and 2nd year admissions)
The MCQ evaluates the candidate's knowledge of the general culture: economic and social news, arts, cyber culture, international culture, etc.

Professional culture (for third year admissions)
This is a multiple choice questionnaire to assess the general knowledge of the candidate in the field of management and business management.

Motivational interviewing
Jury composition : two people, one of whom may be a Company manager.
The 30-minute interview allows the jury’s members, who have read the file, to know the candidate and to assess whether he/she will fully benefit from his/her future education.

There is no ideal portrait or typical profile, this is why the Jury appreciates candidates who learn to reflect on their experiences (specific examples in the school, family, associative, sports or other), on their future by trying to get to know each other better and by learning about what the school offers, rather than building a character that conforms to imaginary stereotypes. It is important that a real dialogue be established so that the Jury is able to estimate the potentialities of the candidates to integrate, to participate, to bloom in the School, taking into account its own characteristics, and to term in corporate responsibility functions.

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