Global approach, local perspectives and international mobility
The Global BBA program aims at:

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empowering students with a broad knowledge of the practical areas (management, finance, human ressources, etc)
analyzing the interconnections of a company with its environment, while allowing its gradual specialization in a particular field
developing one’s practice of managerial and communication skills and ability to make decisions in a complex and rapidly changing environment. While being able to prepare students to assume responsibilities in corporations working in a global and international context, the program offered also allows them to master the issues related to the business opportunities in Morocco, Africa and other emerging countries.

The Global BBA teachings

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 Fundamental courses will naturally constitute an important part of the first two years.

 Conferences and workshops will promote the main themes and offer you an overlapped vision with professors or with highly qualified guest speakers.

Many projects will enrich the pedagogy and put you in a "learning by doing" method, learning by experience & implementation.

Specializations of the Global BBA*:

Job opportunities

Management and Finance



International Business


 Human Resources Management

Sales management

Discovery of sectors:

Life science and health care evolution

 Growing companies

Public management

 Digital companies

Hospitality management

Industry and design


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* These specializations are proposed in the second semester of the 4th year. Other specializations are specific to the campuses. They can also be enriched by your choice of targeted courses during academic exchange sessions.

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The expertise of the Smarter business school adapted to the post-bac

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The main principles that structure the Global BBA's educational approach are, on the one hand, the integration of new technologies at the heart of learning, and, on the other hand, the importance of learning by doing, which will be at the heart of the project. This last point capitalizes on the willingness of emlyon business school for many years to allow its students to exchange with institutions of fame in other fields than that of management.

For the Global BBA, it is the School's partnerships with its territory (in Morocco or elsewhere throughout the world) that will allow you to share courses, projects, conferences or workshops with professors and students from these different universes and complementary. A unique opportunity to expand your field of vision.

Global BBA in details: The professor’s excellency

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The best emlyon business school talents around the world worked together to build the Global BBA. In Casablanca, 80% of courses, tutorials and coaching are provided by permanent emlyon business school professors from France or seconded on the Casablanca campus. The teaching of languages and some lessons specific to the local context (ex: law, scality) are provided by local speakers, with international academic or professional profiles, selected among the best.


  • Pr. Jean-Louis MAGAKIAN
  • Pr. Jean-Charles CLEMENT
  • Pr. Fred SEIDEL


Architecture of the program

Architecture of the program

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Study’s continuation 

At the end of the Global BBA, graduates have the opportunity to directly enter the labor market or continue their studies in Masters or Specialized Masters at emlyon business school or in the best international schools.

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