Global MS Track in 3 years: to boost your career

The Global MS Track program of Emlyon Business School, Casablanca campus, is designed to allow young people with a Bachelor’s degree (Bac + 3) to pursue their studies in a program of excellence that meets the new challenges of the professions of tomorrow: analyze, develop, rethink, innovate, an international mindset, structure and professionalism.

At the end of the 3 year program, the students obtain a Specialized Master's degree from Emlyon Business School (a degree equivalent to a (bac + 6), accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles in France

A unique educational experience, multicultural immersion exceptional and advanced professional expertise


After an undergraduate degree, the Global MS Track offers a unique educational experience that allows you to deepen the fundamentals of management, develop analytical capabilities and a 360 degree vision of the corporate structure, all while remaining in a business environment; giving you, a course with an in depth international dimension and a specialized degree in a business field with strong potential.
After 3 semesters of study in Casablanca that will allow you, among other things, to boost your level in foreign languages. The Global MS Track offers you a superior international immersion experience: A 4-week academic session in Lyon, Shanghai or Dakar gives you the unique opportunity to discover and compare the business environment on one of the three continents.
In addition to being driven by the school's vision of training innovators, helping to create the world of tomorrow, new activities and creative initiatives, the program allows you to develop your expertise in the final year. In one of the 3 specializations offered: Financial Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Innovation or Business Management and Digital Transformation.
The program offers students more than 30 months of professional experience. Over the course of 3 years students will alternate between courses and business experience via an internship, temporary or permanent position within a company. (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, every other week for the first 2 years, Saturday and Sunday, every other week in the 3rd year.) The Global MS Track also allows students to face a multitude of projects: business diagnosis , product launches, business creation, etc

A 2nd graduate cycle to access   managerial responsability jobs

 Mastère Spécialisé® école de management et de commerce

After a first cycle of university studies in management or commerce, the Global MS Track will allow you to gradually widen your horizons, while ensuring to quickly ensure the mastery of English, field experiences, discovery of the international and specialization with a 2nd cycle of higher studies with access to Specialized Master® School of Management and Commerce in managerial professions.
After completing first cycle in different field (economics, law, political science, communication, mathematics, computer science), the Global MS Track will allow you to acquire a double major which will widen your new career prospects.
Whatever your previous career, our ambition is to offer you the most promising opportunities that are in line with your personality and potential.

Become the early makers
of tomorrow

The philosophy of training and development of our students is driven by the concept of early makers. Going further than the entrepreneurial spirit, it means to bring you to the maximum of your potential, to develop your openness, your curiosity, your ability to do, to learn through experimentation, and to learn more and more quickly.
Being a Maker is neither a job nor a technical expertise, it is a state of mind resulting in an ability to take action. The companies that will succeed tomorrow are those that will rely on Makers and give them the means to act.

The Global MS Track in brief

  • 3 years of Study, 1 diploma accredited
  • 3 fields of job specialization
  • 1 learning trip at the international
  • + de 30 months of work experience

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