Mastère Spécialisé® école de commerce Casablanca Maroc

- Courses deepening the fundamentals in corporate and general management allowing you to have a perfect mastery of the tools and techniques necessary to evolve towards projects with responsibility

- Applications and projects will enrich the lessons and put you in situation of "learning by doing" that is to learn through experience, analysis and implementation.

- An intensive teaching of languages will allow you to have a perfect mastery of business English and improve your level in other languages.

Visits to companies and professional meetings in particular within the framework of the international semester will bring you cross-views on the managerial practices around the world.

The key points


  • 3 years of alternating studies, 1 accredited diploma
  • 3 areas of specialization
  • 1 international learning trip
  • + 30 months of business experience
  • 1 highly effective career coaching device
  • Significant experience in business
  • The power of the network of graduates: 31,000 graduates in 121 countries
  • A powerful network of partner companies promoting student employability

The specializations of GLOBAL MS TRACK:

Specialized Master® Financial Engineering

Specialized Master® Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Specialized Master® Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy

At the heart of the Global MS Track:
Teacher Excellence

 Mastère Spécialisé® école de management Casablanca Maroc

In Casablanca, 80% of lessons, tutorials and coaching are provided by permanent emlyon business school professors from France or overseas brought to the Casablanca campus.

The teaching of languages and some lessons specific to the local context (i.e. law, taxation, etc.) are provided by local speakers, with international academic or professional profiles, selected from among the best.

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