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Casablanca campus reinvents short training and launched the Learning Camps:

Learning Camps

2 day seminar to develop new skills for the world of tomorrow  

What is emlyon's Learning Camp?

The learning camp is a learning experience on a major subject related to the skills that will condition tomorrow's career success. Over the weekend, we design and implement innovative teaching methods by putting action and project at the heart of the training by encouraging participants to learn and work together.
The Stakeholders' main mission is to enable participants to adopt new tools / methods and practices, thereby contributing to the individual's performance in their business environment and in periods of transformation.
In this context, the speaker is a coach but there is also an expert bringing its wise and timely knowledge and experience. This dual posture makes it possible to address both technical and human issues. This bias reinforces the operational and differentiating nature of pedagogy.


Themes related to the skills of the future

New methods and professional practices

Action and execution at the heart of training  

An innovative and operational pedagogy 

What does the Learning camp look like ?  

The 2 days are built around teaching sequences alternating contributions of concepts and methods, opening new horizons, sharing experiences, case studies, testimonials of leaders, Role play, etc. On Saturday night, campers work independently and in groups on a maker project to summarize the achievements of the first day in concrete professional situations.

1 week-end

50 participants

1 emlyon expert teacher and 1 assistant coach

1 maker project in Hackathon mode

Why a Learning Camp?


emlyon business school Casablanca campus  aims to reinvent training methods so that they are more in line with the expectations of a new world and make it accessible to all in a continent where funding for continuing vocational training remains very limited.
By implementing a new format adapted to larger groups of learners and by mobilizing different and more educational means, we will continue to ensure an educational quality that meets our international standards while lowering the costs for individuals, thus allowing them to project themselves into the professional worlds of tomorrow.

5 hours of face-to-face teaching with stakeholders

1 camping evening on our group work campus

4 500 MAD
5 400 MAD per participant for 2 days

1 participation certificate delivered by emlyon

Our next learning camps

First learning camp
  Manage differently

Understanding the new challenges of management
Implement a participative management scheme
Manage new generations
+ Integrate digital tools into managerial practices

narjisse Lassass v2

LASSAS Narjisse

Holding a PhD in entrepreneur’s management and psychology from emlyon, Narjiss Lassas has taught and conducted research in various management schools in France, Switzerland and Morocco. She is the author of several scientific papers and case studies.
She is an entrepreneur, currently managing two structures in Geneva and Casablanca, she carries out coaching, consulting and training activities in companies. Certified in several tooling approaches that combine neuroscience, coaching and communication, she is passionate about learning and development and has a dual Europe/Africa culture and speaks Arabic, French and English.

Second learning camp
  Understanding the world by 2030

+ Understand the great global upheavals and areas of uncertainty
+ Perceive the impact of the digital revolution on the economy and society
+ Identify tomorrow's business challenges and new business models
+ Develop your managerial impact with complexity and diversity



Matthieu has more than 30 years of experience in Africa as well as in other emerging countries. He spent 13 years at “Lazard Frères” in Paris where he renegotiated 170 billion US dollars of sovereign debt (Russia, Poland, Cameroon, Nigeria, Venezuela ...), restructured industrial companies, worked as a consultant in mergers and acquisitions and project financing. Subsequently, he joined the Swipco group (management and technology services for the public and health sector) as deputy general manager and group financial director, in charge of the management of the holding company, acquisitions and investment. He founded Swensee in 2005 and launched an innovative platform to help companies in their international development.
Matthieu holds a DEA in Economics from the University of Paris Dauphine.

Third learning camp
 Managing in the digital age

+ Understand and analyze the consequences of the digital revolution on the market
+ Complement your digital culture: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, block chain, connected objects, web technologies,etc.
+ Understand new models of creation and value distribution
+ Be able to define the future of your profession rather than to undergo it


Imène Brigui-Chtioui holds a PhD in Computer Science from Paris-Dauphine University. Her research focuses on multi criterion decision support and multi-agent systems. She is interested in the use of Artificial Intelligence techniques in learning preferences for automating decision making and conflict management.
The main application areas of her research are e-commerce, Knowledge Management and Digital Learning. She is also a member of the French Association for Artificial Intelligence.