M.S Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy

M.S Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy : Contribute to the transformation of companies and organizations in the digital age

Mastère Spécialisé® Business Management & Transformation Digitale

All organizations are now facing major changes in the rules of the competitive game due to the deployment of digital technologies. The shift has often been initiated by investing in the first place the commercial and marketing dimensions. Digital transformation is global and systemic: it is the economic models, the organizational models, the way of creating and distributing value, and all the chain values within their ecosystems that are to be reinvented.
This program aims to train the young managers of tomorrow to become the key players in the digital transformation of their company, its business models and its internal organization by preparing them. for :

Businesses impacted by the new digital technologies responsible for the articulating of the company's chain value its stakeholders (marketing, sales, purchasing, supply chain, innovation, services,etc)

Managing the digital transformation of these businesses in terms of value creation process based on a strategy of global and systemic positioning of the company within its ecosystems.



The key points

Renowned specializations, a highly professional career

 The development of transversal skills related to digital breaks

 The pedagogy of teachers, consultants, coaches and partners

A learning trip in Boston, Tokyo or Bangalore

The reputation of emlyon, recognized among the best European institutions

General presentation of specialized masters and admission conditions

General presentation of specialized masters and admissions requirements 


Mastère Spécialisé® Business Management & Transformation Digitale Casablanca

Depending on the age and the size of the companies and organizations, the profiles and perimeters of responsabilities will vary:

SMEs will quickly give you an overview and expect your operational contribution

Fellow departments (marketing, Buy, etc) will appreciate and benefit your added value to the digital impact dimensions / transversal implementation capacity.

large organizations and companies can integrate you into their Innovation Department, Transformation Department, Resource Division or strategy-related divisions: the expertise you will develop on interface management, data intelligence and information management are assets of collaborative practices that are rarely combined. 

Consulting films will appreciate your contribution in problem solving and support related to companies digital transformation. 

Architecture of the program

Discover the detailed program



A Learning Trip between Boston, Tokyo or Bangalore:

Mastère Spécialisé® Business Management & Transformation Digitale voyage d'étude à Tokyo

The learning trip is an immersion in another country, culture, environment associated with different themes depending on the country. It allows you to broaden your horizons, to bring you a more global vision, less European, and to meet other international actors than those already mobilized in your career.
You will have the choice of the destination, which may be related to the theme you are interested in (eg innovation in Boston, quality in Tokyo or advanced technology in Bangalore), according to your personal aspirations and group dynamics.


The Specialized Master in Digital Transformation, Marketing & Strategy welcomes young graduates as well as people with a professional background.
Whether you are an operational manager or a functional expert, the Masters allows you to decapitalize your past career path to give new impetus to your career and increase the scope of your responsibilities.
The masters course is for people with various initial training. If you are a manager, he will bring you a specialization in services. If you are from another education, engineering, languages, economics, law, history ... the Master's degree will bring you a double competence by completing your initial training with an expertise in Marketing, Strategy and Digital Transformation.

Specialized masters in brief

  • 12 alternative months of studies and internships
  • 1 learning trip abroad
  • More than 20 years of existence
  • Awareness of emlyon business school
  • Diploma awarded by the CGE (“Confédération des Grandes Ecoles”)

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