M.S Financial Engineering

M.S Financial Engineering: to fit effectively

into the business of corporate finance

Mastère Spécialisé®ingénierie financière Casablanca

With both its experience and strong faculty seasoned with the latest strategic and financial approaches, this M.S. capitalizes on their expertise while responding to new challenges.
In this way, it trains future professionals who can quickly and efficiently integrate into an established business, thanks to their strategic, technical and relational skills, and subsequently contribute to the development of engineering. through a permanent process of innovation and the challenge ready-made solutions.

labeled program :


Key points

N°1 of the Financial Engineering and Corporate Finance masters in the EDUNIVERSAL 2018 ranking

 A program of excellence recognized for more than 25 years.

A learning trip in Shanghai.

 Innovative pedagogical and evaluation approach: an example of the strategic and financial file piloted in an inverted classroom.

 Advanced content and courses developed by our best experts.

General presentation of specialized masters and admission conditions


Companies that recruit

International Banks for Financing and Investing

Investment Funds

Financial institutions

Consulting Firms

Industrial groups.

Capital investment

Mergers and acquisition

Structured finance, project financing and asset financing

DCM (Debt Capital Market) & ECM (Equity Capital Market)

Financial analysis (stock research and rating)

Business Lawyers

And many others

Architecture of the program

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Learning trip in China:
discover the Asian market


The objective of the Corporate Finance in Asia is to explore the deployment of business in Asia and to understand the modes in interaction of Chinese culture.
This assignment will allow you to understand the impact of the regulatory and cultural environment on the practice of trades, to discover the specificities of these and the underlying issues for the actors, and to expose you to the contact of professionals in terms of doing business in the Asian region and more specifically in China. You will then be able to lay the foundation for your future professional network.

During the course of this module, an operational approach complementary to the teachings carried out on the Casablanca campus will be executed.

In the program:

company visits,

contact with the Chinese authorities,

 testimonials from leaders of major international companies based in China,

moments of conviviality with emlyon graduates working in this geographical area.


 Graduates from business schools, management universities and colleges
Participants seeking duality between their modeling ability and their understanding of complex industrial processes, supplemented by sophisticated training in corporate finance, make them candidates sought out recruiters.
 Engineers and graduates of Universities of Life Sciences
Sensitized to the organizational and managerial questions of companies, these participants seek a strong specialization in the areas of financial engineering.
 Experienced professionals
Wishing to boost their career, upgrade their skills in finance or develop expertise dual skill.

Specialized masters in brief

  • 12 alternative months of studies and internships
  • 1 learning trip abroad
  • More than 20 years of existence
  • Awareness of emlyon business school
  • Diploma awarded by the CGE (“Confédération des Grandes Ecoles”)

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