Managing effectively in a context of cultural diversity
2 days of training: Saturday & Sunday
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check_mark Increase the ability to analyze and understand differences and their influence on attitudes, behaviors and management practices
check_markAcquire methodological and conceptual tools for analyzing work situations with different partners (multicultural and diversified)
check_markPractice using these tools and develop new reflexes through exercises, scenarios and concrete case studies


check_markGrid for analyzing situations and anticipating multicultural phenomena: understanding differences, using stereotypes instead of having their perverse effects on working relationships in multicultural contexts
check_markTo develop its capacities of adaptation and development of the synergies between the members of multicultural teams: to take into account the specificities of its partners and the confrontation of their cultures and the models of management, to anticipate the reactions and the potentialities of synergy between members of a multicultural team
check_markDeveloping operational complementarities between multicultural team members: key multicultural aspects to integrate into their reasoning, management process to implement


Operational managers, project managers.

Key points

check_markWork on the situations experienced by the participants in their companies
check_markAn approach of all the cultures cohabiting in and around the company: corporate culture, culture trades, culture brands, national culture, ...


inter or intra company

Teaching method

Exchange between participants via case studies.
Exploitation of the experiences lived by the participants.
Analysis of the cultures present in their company: corporate culture, trades, brands, regions, ...
Multicultural problem solving in small groups.


To enhance your learning

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Catherine FAUST

Professeur Associé en Management Interculturel, Management, Droit, Ressources Humaines
Catherine Faust est une spécialiste du management interculturel dont les travaux de recherche se centrent plus particulièrement sur les problématiques de GRH liées au développement des compétences interculturelles dans les entreprises internationales. Titulaire d’un doctorat en sciences de gestion, elle nourrit son enseignement d’une expérience de vie sur trois continents. Elle conduit également des séminaires visant à préparer les managers à aborder le travail en contexte interculturel.