Into a new dimension of management


2 day training: Saturday & Sunday
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check_mark Better understand current developments in companies and organizations
check_markBetter situate its role in the company and understand the levers of action with its employees
check_markBecome aware of your management style and analyze its impact on the functioning of the team


check_mark Diagnosis of work situations: team context, role of the manager, impact of the socio-cultural contexts on the functioning of the teams
check_mark The team in the face of change: actors' stakes in change, search for common visions, case studies met by participants
check_mark Relationships with the team: management styles, self-diagnosis and maintenance and meeting motivation simulation exercises
check_markCreation of an individual development plan


Operational managers looking to consolidate their skills in team management

Key points

check_markAn innovative and responsible vision of management
check_markAn educational approach favoring real lifes scenarios


inter or intra company

Teaching method

Interactive methods based on:
check_mark Alternating between working  in large groups and small groups
check_markRole play, simulation and case studies
check_markSelf-assessment exercises
check_markExchanges and debates based on participants personal experience
check_markSummary of contributions by the facilitators


To enhance your learning

Enhance your managerial skills through our certification course: "Management and Team Leadership" (10-day certification program)

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Camille DAHAN
Business development manager
+212 (0) 5 22 64 18 18 / 21



Catherine Verilhac

Holder of a DESS in Labor Psychology from the University of Grenoble, a Master 2 in Education Sciences - University of Provence, she also has different accreditations allowing her to enrich her practice of consultant, coach and trainer: TMS - Team Management Systems Accreditation, W. Schütz Human Element, ICS - Implicit Career Search.

For more than 25 years, she has been training, coaching and guiding the teams of private and public companies (operational, managers, executives) in the field of human relations and management. She shares with Will Schütz (Human Element) this conviction: most problems in organizations are relational, due to the activation of defense mechanisms between people, in connection with self-esteem to be valued.