Sana, étudiante en Global BBA2, fait son stage en Inde !

"My name is Sana, I'm a Global BBA student and I've chosen to do my internship in India and it's more than incredible!

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I got some amazing experiences and it is still going on.
I have been visiting the lotus temple with his exotically architecture.
I have been also in Mussoorie, north of India, where I enjoyed magical mountain view.
Regarding food, the dishes in India are very spicy. You can have many option like samosa, dossa, aluu paratha and so one. My favorite out of all is this famous paneer soup made with cheese. It is so delicious and we can eat along with rice or japatir.

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I am still enjoying my experience in India. I got many new friends from many countries: Ivory coast, Russia, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Egypt, France and Morocco likewise
I even cooked for my Indian friends. They were very impressed by the Moroccan food.
Regarding my internship at FETE LONDON, I keep learning, developing my personal skills, and my boss keeps giving me more responsibilities. On the other hand, he is so far satisfy of my work, trust me a lot, and our relationship becomes more friendly.
will write you again very soon with some astonishing stories and lovely pictures." Sanaa.