Inauguration of AEBS Shanghai : emlyon – ECNU

Today was the official inauguration day of the AEBS program in Shanghai. So all the top executives from EMLYON and ECNU were there including Bernard Belletante the President of EMLYON business school in France and Chen Qun President of ECNU in China.

We got a full day of presentations about each university, the partnership and the program goals.

What I took from these presentations was the head of both universities “jazzing us up” about how revolutionary the program was and about all the opportunities this program was going to offer, including a six month internship in China and another six month internship in Europe.  And at the end I have to admit I was pretty pumped up.

After the presentation we were let outside to mingle with all of the other students and faculty from each school which gave me a real good opportunity to meet the people behind the scenes that make everything happen

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 emlyon business school - Asian Campus