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Academic excellence At the core of our programs

Teaching Staff at emlyon business school casa
Professeurs-emplyon-business-school-casaThe excellence of the programs administered by emlyon business school has always been based on a Teaching Staff of renowned international eminence, a Teaching Staff that not only transmits knowledge but also creates and re-creates it.
On Casablanca campus, more than 50 out of the 113 full-time professors in Emlyon provide practically all the teaching and are thus at the core of the success of all programs. Full-time research professors are also seconded to Casablanca campus and thus play a role of supervision, follow-up and support to students on a daily basis.

Pedagogical innovation is the driving force behind the teaching staff at emlyon business school that aims at:
developing the tools and methods of learning that are most in line with the expectations of their different audiences and
pushing them beyond the understanding of their environment by inciting them to question themselves and to act fast .
This clearly summarizes the whole earlymakers’ logic upon which the school is founded.
A dedicated digital space serves as a permanent link between the professor and the learner and thus extends the learning experience beyond classrooms to make it multi-faceted and multi-purposeful.

Research at the core of
emlyon business school strategy

knowledge-emlyon-business-schoolKnowledge-emlyon-business-school as a vital added value

Academic research makes the legitimacy and the international notoriety of the School and cultivates the skills of its teaching staff, which surelyprovides an added value to the participants of the programs. It is through the scientific activity that the teaching staff is able to fulfill theirduty, and to afford the partner companies valuable tools for monitoring and updating their knowledge.
On Casablanca campus, the objective is to immerse ourselves in the local Moroccan and African fabric to conduct oriented research that targets local data, thus creating an enhanced understanding,and a better adaptation,of the programs.

  • Les chaires
    emlyon business school

    Reflets de la qualité des relations entre emlyon business school et son territoire, les chaires sont décisives pour développer des connaissances nouvelles rapidement transférables vers les participants des programmes de l'école et vers les entreprises.

  • Les clusters

    La recherche à emlyon business school se veut transdiscplinaire, originale et ouverte sur son environ-
    nement. De cette synergie, sont nés les 3 clusters :Travail & Organisations, Modes de vie et Consommation, Entrepreneuriat & Croissance